Igla OBD Block

Igla OBD Block

Igla OBD Block

IGLA OBD BLOCK protects the car’s OBD-II diagnostic port against unauthorized access and tampering with the standard software (including reprogramming of standard keys or disabling of the standard security system) so that your car remains protected against theft.


This device by IGLA includes two components:

  • Personal dongle
  • Tiny digitally controlled electromechanical relay.

There is a unique digital key recorded in the relay memory, which makes it possible to identify the adapter included in the set. The relay is built into the car’s break in the diagnostic line, while the adapter remains with the owner. When the adapter is connected to the standard OBD-II port, the digital key and relay are checked for conformity. If the correct key is detected, the relay closes and the diagnostic line is restored. If there is no dongle in the OBD-II port, access to car diagnostics shall be denied.


  • Versatile.
  • Easy to install.
  • It blocks an additional diagnostic line.
  • Personal dongle.
  • Low power consumption.
  • *Functionality depends on the product version, as well as the car’s make, model, and equipment.

Prices vary depending on your vehicle; an installer makes a choice of the right product based on the car you have.

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