Competitor Comparison

See the comparison between competitor and Igla

* proven and been around
Custom program your own code using existing buttons in the vehicle in order to start it 
* OEM remote start or aftermarket remote start will not work
* forgot the code? No problem. Use the BT fob to authorize it to start
* requires the plug to complete the circuit, loose plug, and in a jam, any back-up way to start the vehicle? 
* don't have a BT fob to authorize it to start, and forgot the code? No problem... Use an emergency card and re-program you a new code using the emergency code 
* open the fuse box and can find what wires ravelco is interrupting
* offers anti-key programming; a thief will NOT be able to delete your keys or add their own. IGLA blocks key programmers 
 *offers no key protection; thieves may not be aware you have a ravelco and generally delete your keys when programming their own, a few times of that $300 charge, and it's going to add up to what an IGLA costs
*can program a temporary code for let's say a detail shop or valet, this way you do not have to risk leaving a BT fob on the key and or risking leaving it in service mode. Should you leave your car at a detail shop with BT tag attached and thieves steal the keys... They will start the car and be gone because the BT tag is on the keychain.  

Same goes for service mode, it's very very risky to leave it in service mode and leave the vehicle with a shop, IGLA is off at this point, changing the code to a temporary code so only the shop owner who your leaving the vehicle with knows it.... is by far the best way to use IGLA when leaving the vehicle with a service shop. Change the code back to your regular code when you pick it up. 
* need to program an extra key because you lost one? Enter IGLA into service mode, program the key, and exit service mode when done
* OEM remote start remains functional
* OEM remote start from the app works too; you just need a different setting for IGLA 
*has an autopark feature; even if your IGLA is set up to let the vehicle start, it will still require the PIN to be entered, or once shifted out of park, the "RAM TRX" will stay stuck in a neutral state and the emergency brake will engage. You can't drive away no matter how many times you try to go back to park then drive. 
*IGLA is stealth. Authorized dealers / installers are trained to hide IGLA extremely well and do not post install location pictures, keeping it so thieves can't find it just by watching a YouTube or DIY video. 
*IGLA can be installed into virtually any crevice of the vehicle and remain undetected and unseen.
*can be removed and reflashed by the installer for use in another future vehicle
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